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A Healthier Baby & Fresh Breath

Doctors are always looking at ways to prevent premature births.  An early delivery is considered a preterm birth if it occurs at less than 37 weeks of gestational age.  Babies that are born premature (preterm), have an increased risk for health complications and death.  Researchers have discovered that pregnant moms who use non-alcohol antibacterial mouthwash appear to have a reduced incidence of preterm birth.
Researchers studying groups of pregnant woman found that gum disease (periodontal disease) in the mother's mouth directly related to preterm birth.  Researchers funded by Proctor & Gamble found and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania found that the incidence of preterm birth less than 35 weeks was remarkably lower in pregnant women who used non-alcohol antibacterial mouthwash containing cetylpridinium chloride (CPC).  No bad effects from the mouthwash were noted.

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