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Fit for Delivery: Managing Weight Before & After Pregnancy

Maintaining a healthy weight during pregnancy is important for the health of both mother and baby.  However, pregnancy-related weight struggles are a concern for many expecting moms.  Fit for Delivery is a lifestyle coaching intervention designed to help women manage weight during pregnancy, prevent weight-related health problems for the mother and baby, and lose weight following childbirth.

Fit for Delivery is a face-to-face "low intensity" lifestyle intervention.  The program is low intensity so that clinicians and women are more likely to follow it.  During one-to-one sessions, women are coached on what constitutes healthy exercise, calorie goals, nutrition, and self-monitoring.  

Researchers at Brown University and Miriam Hospital recently revealed that it appears that Fit for Delivery can help women manage their weight during pregnancy, prevent health complications, and lose weight following childbirth.  In their study, women with healthy weights who received the intervention were more likely to control their weight during pregnancy.  Women with healthy weights and those who were overweight and received the intervention were more likely to return to pre-pregnancy weight following childbirth.  In addition, women with healthy weights were 4 times less likely to experience high blood pressure and 3 times less likely to have serious high-blood pressure complications (preclampsia).  The next step for researchers is to conduct the study on a larger number of women, implement the intervention as a standard part of care, and conduct more research to help overweight or obese pregnant women to manage their weights during pregnancy.

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