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SAVI™: New Device Provides Custom Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer

SAVI™ is a new device that provides custom radiation therapy to women with early breast cancer while sparing healthy tissue.  Women with early breast cancer may receive a lumpectomy, a surgical procedure that removes the cancer and spares the breast.  Following lumpectomy, some women receive internal radiation therapy to destroy remaining cancer cells.  Not all women are candidates for the current methods of internal radiation, such as MammoSite or interstitial irradiation. In their study, researchers at Moores Cancer Center, Arizona Oncology Services found that up to 40% of women that were not eligible for MammoSite could receive treatment with SAVI. 
SAVI is a small whisk-shaped device that is surgically placed in the breast.  Radiation is delivered through flexible catheters.  SAVI allows radiation doses to change and be customized as needed.  Unlike other internal radiation methods, SAVI is associated with low infection rates and low radiation-related skin burns.  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved SAVI. The Moores Cancer Center was one of the first facilities in the US to offer the treatment.


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